Thursday, January 15, 2015

Steam Patriots to be Released as Graphic Novel

Oftentimes during the creative process we discover that a work could flourish as something different. The way we express ourselves through art may work better as a novel or perhaps even a painting. Steam Patriots is no exception.

It is with great excitement that, with the help of artist and professor Nat Iwata, Steam Patriots will switch from novel to graphic novel format. This new format promises a richer experience for the reader, portraying the alternate-history American Revolution in fantastic detail thanks to Iwata's exceptional talent.

Stick around for updates and news regarding this excellent endeavor, and, please, enjoy this excellent piece of Steam Patriots artwork of Benjamin Franklin by Mr. Iwata himself.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sunrise, Sunset

Yes, if you're wondering, we're still alive. Life has really been making it tough to get traction on this project, and if you'll allow me, I'll elaborate.

These last few months have seen the winding-down of my ten-year stint in the U.S. Coast Guard, and boy! there's a lot to do with a major change like that. My family and I moved back onto our boat, had our house packed up and sent off to Western NY, and now we're planning our trip home from Alaska to NY via the Inside Passage, Washington, and every state in between.

I wore my uniform for the last time on Friday, and I was struck with a twinge of sadness, but the overwhelming joy that comes with pursuing my dreams stomped on that sadness like a giant Monty Python cartoon foot from the sky. I'm FREE! Free to write, proofread, publish, grow a beard, homeschool my kids, garden in the morning, and all the things that come with this life! (Please don't mistake my elation as being blind toward the struggle that comes with self-employment. I know it's not all sunshine and lollipops - we'll discuss that at another time.)

So here I am, embarking on a new adventure, and I'm telling you there are great things on the horizon for Steam Patriots! If you've stuck around this long, THANK YOU! If you're just stumbling across our magnificent endeavor, please hop aboard for what's going to be a great ride.

You're encouraged to comment, and ask questions.

If you're still reading, I'll mention my writerly cohort, Mr. Rory Boyle, who is likewise going through major life changes. He's left the sunny shores of Lake Erie, to endure the gloom of Puerto Rico. Let's hope the rum doesn't derail his creative exploits. We'd like to see more from him on this site, so please goad and belittle him in the comments.

If you're still STILL reading, Chris Stocking, our Director of Web Development and Marketing, and all-around guru of life, has just graduated from college! He's full of moxie and ready to take on the world (which he's been doing quite nicely already).

That's it for now. Honest.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Quick Update

As the title suggests, I'll keep this quick.

A few months ago, Noble Beast needed to scale back the pace of Steam Patriots, so they gave us (the authors) the option to have them put it on a back burner, or take the property back and run with it on our own. We hated the idea of letting it sit, so Rory and I decided to self-publish. As we hashed out the details, all of this talk of self-publishing got me very interested in that side of the book world - I wanted to help authors get their amazing stories out to the world.

So I created Brigantine Press to accomplish that goal. Steam Patriots will be our flagship publication, with some tweaks and a much smaller scope at the outset. We loved all of Noble Beast's ideas, but those will have to wait. For now, our goal is simply to tell a great story that you'll love and tell your friends about.

Stay tuned for news from Brigantine Press!

For now, please follow @brigpress on Twitter, and (if you haven't already) check out all of the Social Networking links on our page.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Meet the Authors: Scott Wakefield and Rory Boyle

Behind every great story is a great author, or in our case, two great authors.  The Airship Ambassador has just published a wonderful interview with Steam Patriots authors, Scott Wakefield and Rory Boyle who keep the waters safe by day in the US Coast Guard and burn the midnight oil writing Steam Patriots at night.  Nice interview guys!

Support Steam Patriots on Kickstarter!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Benjamin Franklin's Lightning Gun on Kickstarter!

After months of preparation we are really excited to announce that our Kickstarter project has launched!  The concept of Steam Patriots is really focused on two things:

  • The steampunk gadgets and technology that would have been  possible at the time of the American Revolution (1776 - 1783). 
  • The real people and events of the American Revolution.

Yes, it is fantasy and it's a lot of fun. The gadgets - like Franklin's Steam Engine or the Ray Gun - are very cool, but its also about the people themselves.  Benjamin Franklin was the greatest scientist in the world at the time (as acknowledged by European and American historians) who was constantly coming up with some pretty awesome inventions.  George Washington was one of the bravest generals that ever lived.  In one battle his three-pointed hat and coat were riddled with musket holes but he had not a scratch on him.  John Paul Jones was everything you would want a swashbuckling gentlemen pirate to be: he was raised in humble conditions, courageous under fire, and a charismatic leader.

When you support our project - an effort to create an American Revolution-Steampunk mashup - you not only get great entertainment from fantastic artists and writers, but you also get to know more about the people and events that made America.

I hope you will join us in making this wonderfully strange and gripping series of novellas a reality.  We plan to publish them in every medium we can including eBooks, paper books, audiobooks, the Web, and a fantastic interactive iPad book app edition.  No matter how you love to read you'll find a format for you.

Join us and let's create a fantastic new adventure together!

Support Steam Patriots on Kickstarter!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

On Liberty & Human Resilience

You can't tell a steampunk story set in the American Revolution without learning something about history and that's a good thing.  The people who fought in the American Revolution faced incredible odds but triumphed against the most power empire in the world.   It's a fantastic setting that demands an equally compelling story and that's what we deliver in Steam Patriots.

The Producer of Steam Patriots, Richard Monson-Haefel, discusses the excitement of creating the story and in the process the humbling experience of learning about the American Revolution and the people who lived it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Art Before Dollars

As we get closer to our Kickstarter launch we will continue to release behind-the-scenes interviews with Richard Monson-Haefel the producer of Steampunk Holmes and the forthcoming Steam Patriots.

In this interview Richard talks about the importance of quality over everything else. "It's that dedication to making something that is really good rather than something really fast that can make you a buck" that drives his team.

Stay tuned as we count down to the launch of the Steam Patriots Kickstarter project this month!